Harvard in autumn looks surreal. A man dreaming of swimming in it’s swimming pool like Robert Langdon gets strong armed (?) by fate and is forced to go to a local college for a degree he doesn’t even want.
The gardens of Army Medical college are a sight to behold in autumn. A boy yearning to become a doctor from there can only imagine how they look like because he is in a third tier institute bidding his time like a prisoner, getting a degree he is majboor to get.
They serve the best milkshakes in Sharif Medical College Lahore in autumn. A boy who has just been kicked out of that institute drinks his last one.
A boy who is in his final year at the best engineering institute in the country, drops out, gives the entrance test exam again and enrolls as a first year student all over again just because he didn’t feel like he fit in.
A boy who got admission in LUMS, NUST, GIKI and FAST, is clearing his supplicatory subjects in a private medical college in Islamabad, the graduates of which are infamous for being the worst “doctors” out there.
A man who is completing his 3rd year at a pharmaceutical college is applying to medical colleges for the 6th time in hopes that maybe this time it’ll be different.
Imagine a mathematician trying to be a chef, a pianist trying his hand at surgery, a programmer forced to calculate financials, an engineer sewing clothes.
This is by all means a shit post. Just like all the wasted foliage in autumn…. Seemingly wasted.