Oh Golly ! I fell so jolly !
I feel jolly as a jelly today
Here I wiggle there I wiggle
I cant seem to control it today !
Squiggling here squiggling there
I am translucent with joy and mirth
mirth has me in bouts of flare
Flares of happiness of which there’s no dearth!
I am laughing and smiling like a blossomed rose
I am even spinning on top of my head
I am converting poems into verses of prose
All that head spinning has gone to my head !
I am solving equations of mathematics
that I had believed were impossible to solve
Of algorithms difficult I’m drawing schematics
that I had believed could not be resolved!
I am flying in airs of carelessness and joy
The whole world is mine to conquer
I am playing with my words as if they were toys
I must have gone completely bonkers!
Well, I guess, everyone, even a fool, has their day
when Providence says yay to what they say.