My mind
a sceptic one
and a paranoid one at that.
It makes assumptions
and judges often
My mind
is a sarcastic one
It scoffs and jeers
and laughs and leers
at unsuspecting victims
I hack into their personalities
their flaws and weaknesses
their traits and bleaknesses
My mind
motivates me none
discourages me
deludes me into fear
It made me impotent;
and left me paralyzed:
a sociopathic zombie
a psychopathic pervert
A forced introvert
The Erysimum Cheiri
which wilts when its supposed to bloom
which is unhappy and surrounded in gloom
Were I to change my mind
I would say where is my mind?
Because it seems it is lost
To the whims and wishes of society
To the laws of manners and propriety
Born a free soul
died un-whole
Came in a sinless state
Left the devil’s advocate (literally)
Many were my passions
I wrote, sung, loved, cried and tasted
the marrow of life with my eyes unabashed
till there was no more marrow
and only corrupted gray matter
which killed me slowly
and painfully
till I was incapable of making love
only of making hate