You and I are together
In these airs
We are one
Oh what a feeling this is
Of requited love
Above all roads
all avenues
above the clouds
above the blue and white
above the thunder and lightning
We find ourselves
In these airs
I am here with you
and you are there with me
This journey with the wind
takes us everywhere
Makes us miss the olden days
the golden days
when things were simpler
when we followed our hearts
answered to the call of passion
I wanted serenity;
Wanted to witness the world
the miracles unfold
wanted to feel feelings
of desire fulfilled
of a journey just beginning
Wait! what is this? what is happening?
now all I see is destruction
In these airs
there is pollution, wanton death
redness and eye stinging pain and agony
There is death
in these airs
there is poison in the form of hopelessness
what will I do?
where will I end?
what have I done till now?
I have been useless
I have been a waste
of talent and potential
letting figurative drugs stone me
letting them hallucinogate me
letting them make me commit suicide
But that is just my sob story
What about yours?