I am a mind boggled
and boggled I was badly
all at the hands of a boggler
a mind boggling boggy stench carrying goblin
the goblin wore the skin of a priest
it dressed like the priest
People came to him to confess
And he saved their confessions
wrote them in a diary
I hate the goblin
He had cameras everywhere
and still has them
Later on
the boggling goblin blackmailed
blackmailed the shit out of everyone
i hate the bog stenching goblin
i hate his guts and his ugliness
The goblin scared kids
Ate old women
Flirted with young girls
Beat up men
The goblin sat on the seat of the king
I hated him for that
the goblin didn’t deserve it
But he got what he deserved
When i killed him
With my words
When he read my blog
the goblin realized
his beans had been spilled.
He took a bullet to the head
And so the goblin was dead